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Procrastination, the fear of an empty page, perfectionism, or writing blocks – everyone who writes is familiar with these things. iWrite supports your writing process with techniques from the realm of psychology, game design, professional writing training, and automatic text analysis. Whether paragraphs, term papers, scientific articles, blogs, or literary works –iWrite makes writing fun again!

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Feedback – No end in sight?

With iWrite you always know exactly how far you have come.


With every word you become better. iWrite visualizes your progress using levels.


Everytime you level up, you unlock a tip from an expert on professional writing.

Text Analysis

Everyone makes the typical writing mistakes. iWrite automatically points to these in the text.


Focus is everything. In iWrite you choose writing sessions with forseeable goals.


How is your writing developing? iWrite provides diagrams showing your speed and continuity.

Daily Goals

Variety is key. iWrite offers you varying daily goals that improve your texts.


Prioritizing the unimportant? Not with iWrite, which recognizes when you switch to your email account, browser, or skype.


Take a look in the mirror. iWrite shows you how you use programs and when you are most productive.

IWrite always keeps you updated on your progress

IWrite always keeps you updated on your progress

Concentrated writing in sessions

Concentrated writing in sessions

Easily manage your projects

Easily manage your projects

Tips from experienced writing experts

Tips from experienced writing experts

iWrite helps you with grammar & spelling as well as style

iWrite helps you with grammar & spelling as well as style

How do you actually spend your time? Find out.

How do you actually spend your time? Find out.

Continuously improve the way you work

Continuously improve the way you work

Research and Development

iWrite was developed in the, which is located in Humboldt University’s cluster of excellence Image Knowledge Gestaltung. The impetus for its development was the observation that many students and PhD candidates experience problems finishing well-written texts on time and stress-free – even though writing is really fun when once one has found a flow and can really lose themselves in their project. Since its creation the has been examining flow, motivation, game design, and gamification. This knowledge and experience – provided by an interdisciplinary team and professional writing trainers, respectively – has been poured into iWrite.

Areas of Application

iWrite is for everyone who wants to write – or has to. It can be paragraphs, term papers, scientific articles, blogs, or even literary works. Motivation research tells us that clearly defined goals, noticeable progress, feedback cycles, and sessions with full concentration help us to stay motivated, focused, and productive – and to continually improve. Again and again writing trainers emphasize: Writing is thinking! And a good text is never simply written down. It develops together with the concept. For this reason iWrite focuses on supporting continuous writing. The more regularly someone writes, the easier and better it becomes. Moreover, iWrite is suited for use in courses and classes involving writing.


Our Team is continually improving iWrite and looking for users as well as collaborators. We are especially appreciative of inquiries from writing instructors, lecturers, institutes, and doctoral programs that would like to use iWrite in their courses. iWrite is free for groups as well as for individual users – all we would like to have is your feedback in order to make iWrite even better.

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